Disco Laundry Remix

There are SO MANY THINGS going on in Second Life this weekend! From building contests to exclusive disco parties your virtual weekend is booked up solid baby. 

 Haiku Speed Build (G) – One Saturday a month people get together for a special building contest. A haiku is read & each builder has 50 minutes to build their interpretation of the haiku. Come early as building pads are available on a first come first serve basis. Any building level from beginner to pro is welcome. This is something I always try to attend because it’s fun to watch people create as well as create yourself. The next Haiku Speed Build is on Saturday November 10th at 7am SLT. Everyone is welcome! Prizes are awarded to the winners.

Friday Night Massacre At Win (M)- I’ve mentioned them before as a place to visit but I am mentioning them again because I know that there is boxing Friday November 9th at 5:30pm SLT. If you are into sports on Second Life & boxing in general then I highly suggest checking it out.

Studio Bam (G) – Studio Bam is so exclusive that it is only open once a year! This is the 4th year for the hottest hippest most tacky disco party on Second Life. It is put on by the Tinies Of The Raglan Shire & I highly recommend checking out the once a year party. You can’t go wrong with insanely humorous disco wear. Grab a tiny avatar or throw on one of those mesh hamster avatars that are so popular right now & check it out. If you think you’re cool enough to get in. The party is  Sunday November 11th from 12pm-3pm SLT.  (The SLurl will take you to an area set up with tiny swag for the party. You should be able to find the landmark the day of the party. If not just ask around. Someone will point you in the right direction.)

It’s Cool Baby!

If you’re looking for a little bit of the relaxing this weekend then I suggest checking out the Linden Bear Museum, doing some prim laundry at the laundry mat, do a bit of bowling or maybe having some Italian Food at Jellybeans Too (G).

Soapy Waters…We Do Laundry Right!

If you’re just looking to dance the night away then I do suggest checking out Club Submission (A) this weekend. I’ve been burned out from the SL club scene for a long while. I just got flat-out bored with the lack of conversations & wolf gestures. Club Submission is different just in the fact that people actually talk to each other.  They are open from 6pm-10pm SLT. If you enjoy listening to good music, being social, don’t mind nudity, & just love dancing your night away then they will take care of you there.

Whatever you do this weekend have fun with it!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Tiny Disco Outfit – Disco Diva (Blue) by Tiny Bit Radikal (175L) Comes with the shoes, pants, shirt, fro, & sunglasses.


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  1. Hey, it was a pleasure having you at the club! 🙂 Hope to see you on another one of my shifts sometime.

    1. You’re welcome! Hope to see you again sometime! 🙂

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