Showvember Is Here!

November is here but in the world of the Raglan Shire November becomes Showvember. A time of the turkey armies, wild roaming giraffe, giant bouncy pies, & so many different activities!

Pie Bouncing Rocks!

First place you need to start your Showvember tour is in the heart of the Shire square. There you will find a stage area set up for various month events as well as leaf piles to roll around in, pies to jump on, & a slew of animals. The turkeys look like they are gathering together to discuss the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. I’ve sat in on a few of these meetings, being a vegetarian & all. So far it’s just been a lot of gobbling.

Mr. Turkey Has An EYE On You!

I have been trying to work with the roaming giraffe on his manners. Maybe get him to let me ride him around. Or at least pet him. So far he’s just done his best to try & run me over. It’s a start.

Do you enjoy fashion? Models who eat waffles instead of a piece of lettuce? If you do then I suggest checking out the 5th Annual Raglan Shire Tiny Fashion Show. Tinies modeling the latest in tiny fashion chic. Not a tiny? Come check it out anyways! If you just flat-out enjoy fashion shows in Second Life with a fun twist then it’s well worth putting on your fancy duds & checking out November 18th at noon SLT.

Into watching variety talent shows in-world? Dig singing, dancing, jokes, & more? Then check out the 6th Annual Raglan Shire Talent Show coming up on November 25th at noon SLT!  This years theme is “Flea Club”. Think of it as glee club with tinies.

I’m Stuck! Haaaaallppp!

I recommend that all avies both big & small check out the events calendar for various event times throughout the month of Showvember. Or just bring your entire virtual family to the Shire to take a spin on the bouncing pies or chase a turkey around. It’s G rated entertainment so it’s fitting for anyone!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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