Virtual Shindigs

It’s Friday! And in the spirit of Friday we have our usual list of “Exciting Things To Do Virtually!”. Please hold your applause till the end of this article. Ah….who are we kidding! Feel free to clap as much as you would like throughout the entire article.

1. Aero Pines Park is having their 6th Annual Thanksgiving Dance & Pow Wow (G) from now until November 25th. Native American village, a feast, & plenty of parties for this years Pow Wow.


I love how they suggest that you wear proper attire when coming to the feast. (Pilgrim, Native American, etc.) I bought this tiny pilgrim outfit from Clover Denzo off of the marketplace. Very Pilgrim Chic. They do have a warning that all turkeys & other fowl that attend this party do so at their own risk! (Poor birdies!) Be sure to check them out for party & celebration times.

I Dressed Up!

2. The 5th Annual Raglan Shire Tiny Fashion Show (G) is this Sunday November 18th at noon SLT. Not a tiny? Not a problem! If you enjoy fashion, small models who enjoy waffles, or just like to go to fancy fashion events then this is one you really shouldn’t miss. I plan on checking this event out & recommend anyone who loves fashion or parties in any way do the same.  (SLurl is for the Shire itself. Day of the party the landmark should come out. Feel free to ask anyone where it is. Someone can always point you in the right direction!)

3.  Around the world (M) is currently going on until November 29th. Nine regions of designers have been set up to represent nine different regions of the world. I am not big on the whole fashion fair thing  but I know there are many that are.  To each their own.

Da Plane! Da Plane!

Wherever you find yourself in-world this weekend I hope that you have fun. Go exploring! Find new things! 

“Tipsy” Cerulean



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