Thanksgiving Eve!

For today I thought we would come up with a few things to do on Thanksgiving in-world. Some of us live to far away from family or just don’t really have anything popping for Thanksgiving this year.

It’s All Cool Baby!

I plan on drinking moonshine & having tacos. 

Maybe we just need to get a bit of the traditions out in an untraditional way. This is where Second Life can step in this year. If you are looking for a traditional Thanksgiving meal without the whole restaurant feel then I suggest checking out Mama’s Autumn Treehouse (M). It’s an Autumn themed treehouse that has this cozy home feel in an unusual treehouse way. Nothing showy. Just a place to sit & a small buffet table set up with traditional Thanksgiving fair.

Just Like Prim Grandma Use To Make!

If you’re looking for a very traditional holiday with a bit of history thrown in then I suggest celebrating at the Happy Thanksgiving – Mayflower (M) Take some time to read the signs to get a bit of a history lesson on the original Thanksgiving. Take a peek aboard the Mayflower, find out what a settlers camp looks like, & learn something. Well worth a historic trip!

A Feast!

There is plenty to do in-world if you don’t have anything going on for the holiday this year, don’t even celebrate it. or want to spend it with your online family. Virtual worlds sometimes give us things to explore, to learn, to do, & new untraditional traditions to start.

“Tipsy” Cerulean



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