Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since I don’t eat meat, Mr. C. Cow isn’t big on eating other animals, & we had a turkey as a guest we are enjoying a wonderful virtual tofu turkey meal this year. Afterwards Bishop & I are planning on having a LOT of drinks & Mr. C. Cow plans on playing football against the turkey. I think he said something like “Moo’s Vs. Feathers”.

I think it’s time I grabbed another beer & tried to come up with some things I am virtually thankful for this year. Maybe this year I should come up with a “list of things I am not that thankful for” virtual list after the holiday.

Things I Am Virtually Thankful For:

1. The fact that you can walk into just about anywhere on SL & have a free virtual drink. Nothing makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something more then matching your virtual drink with the one you’re drinking in real life.

2. I’m thankful for every Friday’s Prim Charades (5pm SLT) because it gives me something to do while making drinks & listening to music. And thank you to Tuesdays Prim Charades (10:30am SLT) for giving me something fun to watch while I’m doing mundane Tuesday stuffs.

3. A HUGE thank you to Jazz Paws for their project to bring the tinies of the Raglan Shire into the real world. It’s a wonderful idea & I suggest you check them out. It’s nice to see something grow from a virtual world into a real life idea.

4. I’m thankful for those that can do more then just virtual shoe buying & fashion wearing. I give a thanks to those who teach classes, help others, & come up with new ideas to make things fun & interesting. Without you then our world would be nothing more then a glorified fb game involving spending real money to dress a virtual “paper doll”. Thank you!

5. “St.” Bishop deserves a big thank you for doing the TOT podcast with me as well as putting up with my funky ass. Thank you for your willingness to use your music studio to help out, for picking me up & putting me to bed after I’ve passed out on a Friday night, & generally giving a shit about stuffs. Thank you!

6. I want to give a huge thank you to the Raglan Shire. Thank you for the events you put on, the activities you work hard to make happen, as well as all of the other wonderful things you all do. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it.

7. I am thankful that I have found some of the craziest, most insane individuals via a virtual world. Those that don’t mind the fact that I curse like a sailor, drink like a sailor, & like saying “Arrrr me mateys” like a sailor. And for those that know all of this & still accept the fact that I don’t actually sail.

8. I am thankful to those who listen to the TOT podcasts as well as send in their news/shout outs, pass the links on, & have been so helpful. Thank you!

9. I am thankful to everyone who reads the SLA Review. Who know that I cannot do this site without being honest & upfront over my love or hatred towards places & things. A review is not a review without it being a true review. Thanks!

10. I am thankful for the opportunity to actually make this list. Now where the hell is my beer?

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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