Wootmas Time Is Here!

Mr. C. Cow is SO HAPPY that Winterfest is upon us. If you didn’t know the C in his name stands for “Christmas”. Mr. C. Cow loves the holiday season & really wishes it could be this time of the year every year. Alas he shortens his name to “Mr. C” during the rest of the year. I’m so happy that Mr. C. Cow can now go by Christmas Cow! (Also don’t forget to check out the contest Mr. C. Cow does for the TOT Podcast!)

Christmas Cow Telling A Funny Holiday Story.

The 6th annual Raglan Shire Winterfest (G) is finally upon us! I am extremely excited about this years & suggest you get take the time to explore everything Winterfest has to offer. Sometimes the real life holiday season makes me feel “blah” but the Shire’s Winterfest has a way of bringing me out of my funk for a bit of virtual fun.

I’m Feeling Festive!

Winterfest in the Raglan Shire has to be the biggest undertaking put on by the tinies. From the construction of a holiday village to the massive rise of Mt. Waffle they work  hard to bring one of the greatest holiday experiences to the grid. Not stopping their they have various activities & events that span the entire season. I give props to everyone who is involved from the construction to the event hosting. Without you the grid would have a huge piece of its creativity missing.  Thank you!

I Ain’t Scared!

From the skiing to the ice sculpting & everything festive in-between it is well worth a visit.  Not only is it fun for tiny Second Life avies but I also think the fun extends to those of you with SL families. Avies both big & small are always welcome! I do suggest you also take a look at the Raglan Shire website & events calendar so you don’t miss anything going on.

Taking The Ski Lift.

In a virtual world with an ever-changing landscape that comes & goes it’s nice to see the old dependable standards of the grid still alive & kicking. Let’s keep it that way by visiting & enjoying what the Raglan Shire Winterfest has to offer.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

All Items I’m Showcasing In Photos Is available At The Winterfest Merchants Area:

*CABS* Festive Xmas Tree Outfit – 50L. Comes with present shoes, tree costume, & hat. When you walk you jingle & the Xmas lights/star all light up.

*CABS* Tiny Ski & Pole Set. – 100L.

MUZI! Cow Print Coat – 0L. Comes with boots, cow print coat, & jeans.

((Hippo) Cable Knit Sweater (Cream) -70L.

 ((Hippo)) Cozy Winter Set (Hat & Scarf – Turquoise) – 70L.

Marketplace Bonus: Hippo Also Carries Some Mesh Hamster Articles Of Clothing For Winter/Christmas. I am, of course, wearing a Wynx Tiny.

I Made The Candy Cane That Is In My Mouth.


5 responses

  1. Happy WOOTMAS to all! 😀

    1. Yes it is! And thank you for spreading the Wootmas cheer! 😀

  2. […] The Raglan Shire 6th Annual Winter Fest (G) is going strong. I wrote a whole article about it this week but wanted to mention it again because it is well worth a visit. They have […]

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