All Aboard The Holiday Train

I was in the mood to ride around on a little virtual train today.

Why yes I was drinking a beer but that’s besides the point.

With the holiday season upon us it was easy to find an absolutely wonderful small train ride to look at snow & decorations. I am recommending that, if you get into a virtual holiday train mood, you check out the Snow Mountain Christmas Cavern (M).

The train itself is one of those small ones you constantly see around the grid. They always make me think of those trains you see set up in a real life mall for the holidays. Just climb aboard click the engine to start. You should then find yourself on a fun, lazy train ride through a Christmas wonderland & through the snowy mountains.

All Aboard!

All Aboard!

The Christmas cavern portion is exactly as it sounds. Snowmen & reindeer, & every other holiday decoration assaults your every senses. This isn’t a bad thing.  It actually puts you in the mood to maybe get around to decorating your tree or at least hang up a snowflake window cling in a window. There was a sign in the cave that, when clicked, was supposed to tell me all about this Christmas Cavern but I didn’t have permission to view the notecard. Hopefully that is fixed. No matter. The cavern itself is still holly jolly awesome.

Hello There Snowman!

Hello There Snowman!

As you exit the cavern the train keeps on rolling through the countryside & over the mountains. There are a few stops where you can get out & stretch your legs. Maybe take a seat in a little shack for a hot chocolate or to just get off & look at the lit up trees. Then, after you’ve had your fill, just hop back on train to resume your journey.

I HIGHLY recommend taking the train ride at Snow Mountain Christmas Cavern (M). It’s not a short ride so please be sure to stick on the train till you make it back to where you started. It’s worth it.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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