Elves, Snow, & Noms

Since the weekend is almost upon us I thought it was time to do a bit of the “What the hell am I going to virtually do this weekend?” with a bit of a holiday twist. Here are a few quick places to visit in Second Life as well as some virtual news to keep you satisfied till Monday rolls around. 

1. Secret Elves Winter Wonderland (M) confuses the hell out of me. I have absolutely no clue what exactly is going on here. The first time I visited there was an elf reading a dirty magazine while lounging.

Wonder If He Has A Subscription.

Wonder If He Has A Subscription.

My second visit a lot of the decorations had changed so this time I got to see a Santa dressed fake noob avie stuck dead on a stick. There is some sort of something going on but my second visit I couldn’t find out any information on exactly what the hell was up. I guess it’s a secret elf/game/thing. It’s really weird (example: nude prim sex doll in a barbie case) & it seems to constantly change from one set of strange holiday decorations to the next. If you’re intrigued & want to try to figure out what’s going on then take a quick peek. It will probably be completely different by the time you get there.

2. Tipsy’s World (G) is completely done up for the holidays. Snow, fireplaces, more snow. It’s where the SLA Review Office is along with Tinies On Tape & information on Detune Studios. It’s always open to the public so feel free to wander around the three buildings & check things out. (Note: Tinies On Tape – The Shire Podcast came out with a new podcast this past weekend & should have a news break coming out soon.)


3. Aero Pines Park (G at landing point. Various depending on where you wander off to) is having their 6th Annual Winter Festival. There is so much to do at this years festival. Everything from taking an 8 sim cross-country ski tour to warming yourself by the bonfire.

Working Hard To Keep The Sidewalks Safe.

Working Hard To Keep The Sidewalks Safe.

I mention Aero Pines Park during many holidays throughout the year because they always have something going on for each of them. Be sure to check back with them often as they will have various events throughout the holiday season. The Winter Festival ends January 31st.

4. The Raglan Shire 6th Annual Winter Fest (G) is going strong. I wrote a whole article about it this week but wanted to mention it again because it is well worth a visit. They have everything from an ice sculpting contest to Sekret Santa going on as well as a sleigh full of events throughout the entire season. As usual you will always find me trying to guess what someone is building at the Shire’s Prim Charades Fridays at 5pm SLT. 

Fireside NOM NOM NOM!

Fireside NOM NOM NOM!

Tis the season to find LOADS of holiday stuff to do in Second Life. Be it celebrating a holiday or just enjoying the virtual snow you won’t be at a loss this month for things to do.

“Tipsy”  Cerulean


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