The Snowpocolypse!

Saying “Snow Storm” just doesn’t have that “Oh My GOD THAT’S A LOT OF SNOW!!” feel to it. It doesn’t make people run around in circles screaming “Ahhhh!!” while buying up all of the bread they can find. When you say “Snowpocolypse” then you know the snow means business. Add “OF DOOM” to the end of that & it screams “There’s no more bread left in the grocery stores. We are all going TO DIE!!“.

Life isn’t fun without a bit of the ol’ bread buying panic.

Since snow is pretty yet cold & dangerous this made me think that I should probably give a few tips on how to handle prim snow in our virtual world. One can never be to safe when venturing out into the big bad wilds of Second Life.

1. You Can Find Yourself In Trouble Right Outside Your Doorstep!

So Close To Door Yet So Far Away!

So Close Yet So Far Away!

When traveling the snowy regions of SL remember that danger can occur right outside your front door. Be sure to clear your walkways so avies don’t slip & try to sue you for a fake broken spine. Don’t wander into snow that might be too deep for you as you might get trapped only inches from the safety of your own front door. Don’t eat yellow snow.

2. Be Cautious When Traveling At Night

Do NOT Lay Down In The Snow!

Do NOT Lay Down In The Snow!

Finding yourself in the dark trapped in a particle snowstorm can be a scary thing. DO NOT PANIC! Stay calm & stay warm. Laying down in the snow on your back & weeping is not the answer. Not only do you risk becoming frostbitten but you can also find yourself iced onto the snow do to your cry baby tears. Don’t be a cry baby. Just teleport out. Or find shelter.

3. Be Leary Of Snow Giants Giving Directions

Snow Giants ARE NOT GPS Units!

Snow Giants ARE NOT GPS Units!

If you find yourself lost in a snowy region of the grid always be leary of directions given to you by an ice giant. They may look friendly but deep down their prim eyes will freeze your innards while they lead you on the path of snowmaggedon. Friends don’t let friends take half assed directions from an ice giant.

4. When In Doubt A Snowman Will Help You Out!

Thanks For Pulling Me Out  Of The Snow Drift!

Thanks For Pulling Me Out Of The Snow Drift!

If you find yourself lost, stuck in a snow drift, without hope then you can always turn to a snowman. Not only are they made out of snow but they are also magical beings who can help you out of a tight spot, give you hot chocolate, & say “Happy Birthday” at all of the wrong times. YOU MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER to look for the friendly ones. NEVER speak to a snowman who has bloody snow, giant teeth, or a “I will bite your wee little head off” look. Always go for the ones that say “Happy Birthday” as an evil snowman is usually just Jack Frost in disguise.

If you follow this important rules then you will survive the SL Snowpocolypse. If you do not follow them then I am not responsible for you finding yourself stuck in a snowdrift. Your only hope is teleportation as you weep baby tears onto your virtual clothing.

Always Remember…Safety First. And Don’t Leave Home Without A Hat. You’ll Catch A Cold.

“Tipsy” (Your Virtual Snow Safety Instructor”) Cerulean

Photos Taken At:

Tipsy’s World (The TOT & SLA Review Offices) (G)

Raglan Shire Winterfest (G)

The Giant In The Snow (M)

Soraya’s Winter Enchantment Public Snow Playground (G)

The cupcake items I am wearing: ((Hippo)) Holiday Rave Set – Cupcakes: Comes with necklace, headband, & bracelets in both biggie & tiny sizes. You can find it at the Pop-Up Gacha event that is only going on until December 17th.






3 responses

  1. This is solid and sound advice….safety first and… Wait, the stores out of bread? WOT? WE ARE SO TOTALLY GONNA DIE….ahhhhhhhhhhh

    1. OMG! How are we gonna survive without the sandwiches! And the crust! WHY! OH WHYYY!!!!!!

    2. OMG! How are we gonna survive without the sandwiches! And the crust! WHY! OH WHYYY!!!!!!

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