Dear Santa

Dear Santa, 

Hi! How’s it going? How are the reindeer holding up this year? Are they ready for their long trip this year? Are the elves done making all of the toys? Has Mrs. Claus been baking a lot?


Dear Santa Claus

I’m just full of questions this year!

I’m not asking for a lot of things for myself this year. I don’t need them. I wouldn’t mind a stable grid & rolling restarts that don’t break SL. A statement from LL about what direction they plan on taking Second Life to insure a positive growth, stability, as well as addressing the downwards spiral of sims closing would also be a really nice present.

I ask that people start respecting each other a little more. Take the time to stop & smell the prim roses instead of rushing around in a shopping frenzy of epic L$ spending proportions. Maybe stop for a moment to visit exciting virtual places or learn new things so that maybe it will slow down the closing of so many wonderful places.


Go Sit On His Lap!

Mr. C.  Cow has been exceptionally good this year. He’s been working hard on his “Where In The Shire Is Mr. C. Cow Contest?” & I’m proud of him. He has finally learned that curtains are to hang on windows not to eat. Please bring him something special this year.  Don’t forget to bring a little something extra for “St.” Bishop who has worked hard on recording & editing all of the TOT podcasts. Without him many things would not be possible. I also ask that you please bring Jazz Paws everything they need to make their dreams come true for everyone! They deserve it!

And please bring Zayn da bunneh sims that want to behave.

Please bring the many individuals that I have met in Second Life something extra special this year. Something for the people who volunteer their own time to make other people’s virtual lives a little brighter. From the people who educate to the ones who are just there to answer questions. I know a lot of “Santa’s Helpers” this year & they deserve the best damn Wootmas you can give them.

Santa Loves Me!

Santa Loves Me!

I do ask you bring kindness & thoughtfulness to everyone who could use a little bit in their lives. Maybe a hug to those that could just use a hug. Or a nice positive word to those who only need them spoken to them. Some love to those that need love. If anything Mr. Santa I would rather see those who need receive more than those who just want the latest pair of prim shoes or mesh hair.

Good luck on your journey this year. May Rudolph lead your sleigh to bring joy to those who deserve a little joy this season. 

“Tipsy” Cerulean

P.S. – Do you really want cookies or can I just leave you a martini? I make a really good martini.

Where To Sit On Santa’s Lap:

Raglan Racing Area (G)

Hibiscus Hasting’s Gallery Of 19th Century Art (G)

Ocean Key Winter Wonderland (M)


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