Wootmas Eve!

The holiday is almost here. Oh Ma Gah!

Time to bust out the holiday cheer in bottle form, warm up beside a computer, & get a little virtual cheer going on. Mr. C. Cow has been especially excited over the holidays this year. Being that the C in his name does stand for “Christmas” it’s completely understandable.

Be Careful!

Be Careful!

He’s spent an hour alone today just trying to figure out how the “Au-Toy-Matic” machine on the Great Tree Steve works. Silly cow. It’s magic & stuff! (If you want you can check out the Christmas Eve Poem I wrote about Mr. C. Cow last season)

I hope that everyone has a great eve before the holiday tonight. Have fun with your friends (RL & SL) as well as family.

Waiting For Santa!

Waiting For Santa!

Happy Christmas “Wootmas” Eve Everyone!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Go check out the “Au-Toy-Matic” machine on the Great Tree Steve in the Shire sims. You will get the toy machine song stuck in your head FOREVER!!!


2 responses

  1. Kitty DeVaux http://blackmirrorinsl.blogspot.com | Reply

    Happy festivus to you, Tipsy!

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