SLA New Years Awards

It’s that time of the year again where I come up with awards for the best & worst (and everything in-between) for the past year on Second Life. 

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Biggest Announcement Followed By Silence: This award would have to go to LL announcing that Second Life would be on Steam. It was announced. People started making theories on how this would be a positive/negative thing for the virtual world. Then nothing but virtual radio silence. Hopefully the announcement wasn’t for nothing & we will see more of this in the future. Till then….

Biggest Disappointment: Ever thinking the fantasy pipe dream that things would start to work better. Yeah. I’m jaded.

Biggest Joke: This one has to go to rolling restarts. The cluster of sims I am located on has had more issues with LL breaking them after rolling restarts then should be possible. For the past, I don’t even know, so many months they have been restarted & restarted after a rolling restart has done its wave through. If you’re gonna do it then do it right. Not kinda right the 7th or 8th time restarting. In the same day one time would be nice.

Best New Feature: Umm….errr…uhhhh. Pathfinding? Ahhh HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Happiest Moment: Meeting some really, truly, wonderful new people in 2012. I have met more wonderful people in 2012 on SL this year then in any of my years combined.




Pet Peeve Of The Year: This usually goes to virtual pets. I’m giving them a shout out. Still think ya suck.

I would also like to give this award to those that don’t just photo shop your Second Life photos a little bit. I don’t mind that. I am giving it to those that photoshop so hardcore that it doesn’t even remotely look like anything that you would see in Second Life. Combine it with an article about SL & I just have to shake my head at how much of an ass you are.

Greatest Hatemail Of 2012: This has to go to a group of loyal sim patrons as well as the owners of a sim who started a petition towards me to pull an article I wrote giving them a bad review. Yes…a petition. I’m not exactly sure how a petition would make things go in your favor. It’s not like my site is some sort of democracy that has to honor a petition. It’s my site. In the famous words of some guy who said this a  long while ago & no one remembers exactly who the hell he is..”Go Screw!”.

Stupidest Scam Of 2012: This one is a tie.

There is a bot that has been going around to various popular sims, starting up a conversation, then asking for money. I’ve been hit by it a few times. I also know a LOT of other residents who have been IM’d by this money hungry bot. If you’re stupid enough to fall for it then I just have to say that I am amazed you even know how to turn a computer on.

The next one has to go to those content stealing scam artists on marketplace. The ones who are stealing pictures from bloggers then passing them off as clothing/avatar/etc. items they are selling. With such a large community of photographers, bloggers, writers, & whatnot I am amazed you would think that no one would notice. Assholes.

What I Hope For In 2013: Well…I hope that SL gets a little bit on the positive everything this year. Bailing water out of a sinking ship only works so long. Sometimes you kinda need to fix the hole to make the boat better.

Arrrr! Now I be wanting to go sailing! Arrr!

Hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday & a Happy New Year. 

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Party Photo Taken At The Raglan Shire NYE Party.


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