Musty Memories & Shadowbox Bullcrap

I’m back.

It’s not like I’ve gone anywhere. I did take a holiday break for real life stuff. But that’s not the point. 

I’m back.

I am back because, after months of “playing nice” I have decided that I am no longer doing that. It’s not me. My nice goes into my other projects. The truth, no matter how harsh it is, will always come to rest at the SLA Review. 

And on that note, let us get started shall we…

1. I’m tired of this passive aggressive trend many residents seem to have going on. I was going to say “lately” but it’s been festering for years. Everything from posts on various social websites saying they “hate” someone but they don’t want to mention names, to the websites where we hide behind “secrets” so that no one will know who said it. This bullshit needs to stop. If you got something to say then just fucking say it. I hate bloggers who bitch about how hard it is to list stores they bought their clothes at or how hard it was to take a picture of an avatar. See. Not that hard is it? 

2. If you Photoshop a virtual world photo so hard-core that it doesn’t even remotely look like what everyday avatars see on their screens they you are an ass. If you made a fuzzy picture clear or cropped a photo then more power to you. Rock on! If you made your avatar look so insanely flawless that you have some dumbass lapping up your shit like it was candy because “Oh My God! They are so talented.” then you’re an ass. Art? Maybe. Trying to show others what the “world” looks like? Disillusioned bitches. Every one of you.

So, to all of you horrible photoshopping whores out there. To those that moan “OMG! It’s SO HARD to take a picture & put where I bought my crap!” can all go screw. You took a picture. Then you photoshopped it so horribly to the point where no one would know that it isn’t a realistic portrayal to what a Second Life actually looks like. You are, I am not so sorry to say, are the problems that virtual worlds face. You treat everything as if it was a virtual paper doll. Cut and fucking paste ao, new dress, shoes, whatever upon them. Tada. You are the faces of absolutely nothing & especially not all of us. 

3. If you are trying to  pull of the mean or “cranky” bullshit on your site remember to at least be a tad bit original.  We get it. Your all hardcore over shit you see in our virtual world. You’ve had a “big thought” over the state of everything.  Whatever. You just have an unoriginal thought & a catchy “mood”.

4. For fucks sake people…I’m sorry but fucking hell…stop your fucking shopping. In all honesty no one gives a crap if you look good or not. Behind your sweet looking sexy avatar you could look like pizza the hut. In all seriousness it isn’t even remotely important to people with half a brain. My opinion? Similar interests. Being able to hold a conversation above “Hey baby! Nice tits” or “Did you see the new shoes from (insert store/mall/L$ stealing money pit?” is more important than telling me or EVERYONE where to buy a new dress.

(Side Note: You want to stand out. So wouldn’t sharing where you bought a dress or sharing a dress that everyone else shares just make you a sheep?” baaaaaaaa….)

5. If you were one of the many people who I saw in various social media posts who took advantage of the free lindens/new resident drive then you are the

I’m tired of the image shit. I’m tired of writing where no one gives a fuck about what I say. I’m not going to be nice for the sake of being nice. I’m not going to pretty up photos because it takes away from what the  hell we are actually looking it. And I’m not going to give a nice review because it makes people “Feel bad”. I will no longer make the first move when talking to people because 90 percent of my experience involves insane crazy people.

I am at a loss at what more you really want from me.

So why the fuck to I write? Because…I have always…sl or otherwise…written. I’ve written for so many things that I must have some sort of outlet for creativity. I cannot just go on sl, being the ignored hermit that I am, without a purpose. For about six years this has been my drive.


I started out with a geocities website. I remember my first review. Really horrible rental review about a tiki hut that sucked. There was an issue with the front door where it would randomly open & close on its own. The owners couldn’t figure out who to fix it. So their answer was basically “Live with it”. Amazingly enough they are no longer around on the grid. Over a year later I had to move from Geocities to wordpress. With a computer crash I lost 2 years of reviews from my old site. Not a bad thing as they are no longer relevent to our time.

So what exactly was the point of this post? Just to vent a little bit of my frustration at the idiotic way people seem to act lately. To clarify that the SLA Review was never one to shy away from harsh truths. To say that projects are projects but the ways of this site are always the same. 

Ahh…That felt good. 

The bitch is back.


“Tipsy” Cerulean

To clarify I not only write the SLA Review but I also do podcasting among other things. They are completely two separate entities. One I do to help others. The SLA Review is where I write my views on everything Second Life. It is mine & mine alone. And it does not reflect any groups I am involved with or work that I do on my other site. From the good to the absolutely painful horrors people like to pass off as “sims”. I also make comments on other things people write about our wee little virtual world. It’s what I do.

Also…Bishop has offered his services for quick cast rants in the near future. Can’t wait. 


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