A Mad Mystery

“Truth will come to sight; murder cannot be hid long.”
William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

I am not big on hunts. Being a tiny for the majority of the time I really have no use for a titty top or a pair of pants where my butthole hangs out. Give me hats, backpacks, & stuff like that & it works for me. Someone needs to have another hat hunt. Or an awesome backpack hunt.

Wait..I’m totally getting off subject here…my bad…

Anywho..I decided to start doing the MadPea Room 326 game/hunt (M). I was bored & it was something to do. I really dig how completely interactive & frustrating their games/hunts can be. I am really stuck on a hint right now, there be the frustration aspect, but it’s a great way to kill time while finding new places.

To prepare to do Room 326 I decided I needed to dress the part. Actually I just threw on a hat & a backpack full of supplies (pencils, paper, bottle of gin). These are not ordinary games/hunts. It takes a lot of thinking, reading, interaction, & finding to finish them. I wanted to make sure I was prepared!

I'm Ready!

I’m Ready!

You start out by heading over to the Silent Peacock Hotel. At the entrance to the hotel you will see some newspaper boxes. Click on them & pay 50L to get your game hud. You need the hud to be able to pick up the items you are searching for to do the hunt. I know what you are thinking. “50L to get a hud?”. Trust me. It’s worth shelling out 50L for something fun to do.

I Forgot To Pack An Umbrella!

I Forgot To Pack An Umbrella!

After you grab your hud put it on. It won’t work when you put it on.


It actually will not work until you head up to Room 326 & find a police file with the information you will need for your hunt. When you click it & take the file your hud will start working. From there it is up to you to click on the pictures of the missing people, teleport to the location it gives you, & use the hints from each missing person to find an envelope. As you find each envelope the picture of the missing victim will change. The cool part is that you do not get a prize for every envelope you find. You actually need to find all fifteen to get all of the prizes in the end.

I’m not doing this for the prizes. It’s not my bag. Like I said before, I don’t do a lot of hunts because what’s a tiny going to do with a titty top? I do, however, enjoy doing the MadPea things because they are creative & interactive. I actually want to see Room 326 all the way through just to find out who did it & what happened to the victims. If you see a tiny little bulldog wandering around trying to find something stop & say hi. 

Sometimes doing something interactive in SL doesn’t mean you’re just doing it to get something in return. Sometimes you do it because the adventure is part of the fun.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

MadPea Games Website


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  1. […] hunt in December of 2012. I actually remember this well as I went, took pictures, and actually wrote something about it  in January of 2013.  This wasn’t the only time I found myself in Mad City as I used it […]

  2. […] hotel itself is probably familiar to many of you as it was the same hotel that MadPea used in the Room 326 game/hunt and was recently taken down a while back. They have it and made it their own with horror […]

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