Rain Rain Snow

Instead of “Duck Duck Goose” I though we could play a bit of “Rain Rain Snow” today. I also want to say that I REALLY love me some Dean Martin but you were wrong about snow.

It hasn’t stopped raining in real life for four days. It doesn’t look like it will be stopping anytime soon. It’s gotten to the point where I feel I might have to buy a boat to go down my driveway. Small puddles are a thing of the past when you’ve got the awesome power of  tiny lakes in your yard! Yeah…I’m tired of rain.

I'm Tired Of Looking At You Rain!

I’m Tired Of Looking At You Rain!

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of me hanging outside of the MadPea Room 326 hunt. It’s some of the best rain I have ever seen in Second Life. Also, I look really sad sitting there in it.

Now, to just add to the rain misery, we are under warnings of upcoming snow. Snow? I hate snow. The rain I can deal with. I can just wear a life jacket when I leave the house. Snow, on the other hand, angers me. It makes me shake one fist at the sky while the other one holds my beer. (It takes talent to drink & shake your fist at the weather gods at the same time.) I did come up with a really great SLA Review Weather Statement that I think is important.


Snow. It just sucks ass.

Instead of coming into Second Life & finding beautiful weather I decided to find some that match my real life weather. I did run into a few stormy named sims in my search. Storm Warning, Quiet Storm, Love Storm, Stormwind & RocknRoll Storm. Zero of them were interesting in any way. I’m disappointed over the rock & roll storm thing not being cool. I was all set to play air guitar & maybe give a rock scream or two.  Not to be deterred from my mission to find some snow & rain sims I pressed on!

A woman with a beer & a mission is a dangerous woman.

My first search was for rain. Since we’re starting with rain then moving onto snow in real life I thought it was only fitting to do the same in-world. Inis Caiseal (M) is a part of the Alchemy Immortalis sims. I came to one of the Alchemy sims because I knew that I was guaranteed to find some rain going on.  I wandered around for quite a while enjoying the sights while splashing around in my goloshes. All of the sims that they own are some of the most beautiful you will see on Second Life. There is nothing more beautiful than wandering around the rain while listening to the various nature sounds you’ll hear.

Don't Forget Your Umbrella!

Don’t Forget Your Umbrella!

Maneuvering my way through search, and avoiding all stores that were trying to sell me the weather, I came across a funny named little place called Snow Ghetto (M). I was half expecting to see bums trying to wash my windshield & burnt out cars resting on blocks. Weirdly enough I was not greeted by a gangbanger or someone trying to sell me crack. Instead I was greeted to a small snowy island with ice skating. Was I disappointed? I wasn’t trying to score crack so not really. I was actually pretty surprised at how nice the place is. It is open to the public & all they ask is that you clean up after yourself when you go to leave.

Haaaalp! I'm Stuck!

Haaaalp! I’m Stuck!

My last stop has to be one of the biggest search surprises of the day for me. I cannot say enough about how much I really love this sim. Tiaga (G) is a Siberian nature based sim that is completely surrounded by forests. There is no shopping to be found which is a huge thing to me. I came to love nature not to look at dresses. The entire area is also a sandbox for those that want to rez a sled or something to go with the feel of the place. Just be sure to pick up after yourself.

I Hope My Butt Doesn't Freeze To The Swing.

I Hope My Butt Doesn’t Freeze To The Swing.

Tiaga is beautiful. From its little ice skating shack to its small cabin with a bar. It’s not overly decorated so it has an open, natural feel to it. I do recommend that you make your way to the small cabin. Just be sure to watch out for the moose. I hear they like to gamble.

Gotta Love A Moose That Has Beer!

Gotta Love A Moose That Has Beer!


 Now I must make my way to real life where I shall stock up on winter storm essentials. Toilet paper. Beer. Soup. Liquor. Wood. The things one needs to survive.

“Tipsy” Cerulean 


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