Magical Vacation Part 1

What started out as a simple review has spanned many photos, activities, & a weeks time. It ended up turning into a fun virtual vacation. Something that was more than just writing down a review about a place. I met some interesting people, had a whole lot of fun, & have made plans to take friends on a “mini vacation” in the future.

Because I have SO MUCH information I have decided to split this review into two parts. Three Disney related areas today. Two on Wednesday. In part two I’ll throw out which was my favorite to visit, where I got all of the neato swag, & thoughts on the whole thing. Break it all down.

With that said I spend a week visiting five different magical parks that involve a Disney theme. Many of which are tied together with posters outside of them suggesting that you check each one out. You would think that you would be all magic kingdom-ed out after one place but each one offers a unique experience. Most of the areas do their absolute best to give you an exact replica of what you might see if you were to actually visit Disney. A realistic experience makes the experience so much more enjoyable.

1. Sarah’s Magic Kingdom (M) – This is a smaller tribute to the wonderful world of Disney but well worth your visit. During my visit I had someone in the room with me watching the computer as I explored. While my favorite area was the Tiki Room (The song has been stuck in my head for DAYS!) they fell in love with the Haunted Mansion.

In The Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room...

In The Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room…

There are other great activities like a Disney Museum or Tower Of Terror. Miss that old “Mr. Toads Wild  Ride”? Then Sarah’s Magic Kingdom gives you the opportunity to virtually revisit a ride from days past. If you check out the music area then you will end up with THIS Song stuck in your head. Not a bad thing. I might have to play this at a DJ-ing event. When visiting be sure to take the time to grab & wear each hud for each different ride as well as the parade & fireworks.

You Go Parade Turtle!

You Go Parade Turtle!

2. Once Upon A Kingdom (G) – Much of the park is currently being remodeled so I do hope that they finish up sometime in the near future. Disappointing but I can understand. Redoing, rebuilding, or new constructions take time. Especially ones that are so in dept  as these parks are.

Aside from the frustration of construction I must say that it is a beautiful park. The main street is absolutely beautiful. Cinderella’s Castle is a pleasure to look at. I do recommend, with all of the construction, that you make your way to Liberty Square where you can watch “Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln”. When in doubt get your education on.

Going For A Boat Ride.

Going For A Boat Ride.

3. Enchanted Adventures Theme Park (G) – This is the one park that isn’t trying to be an exact replica of Disney. They are also not as large but it feels like it could be if they also finished up various constructions that are going on.

Honestly I don’t have a whole lot I can say about them. The spooky area was nice. The Wonderland ride absolutely rocked. It is disappointing when you go someplace that has so much potential but it kinda goes flat on you. Hopefully, after all of the construction/remodeling going on that this will change in the future.

Whatcha Guarding?

Whatcha Guarding?

I did run into a couple who were visiting the park. The guy kept calling me “It” to his date while she said that I was cute. I stopped for a minute to say hi to her. Being my tiny bulldog the guy was in shock that I am a girl. Of course he just kept addressing me as it or to her. Never directly to me. She was nice. This is not the fault of the place I was it. It was just the fault of a dumb guy. The lady rocked. You can come say hi & that I’m cute anytime. Hehe…

This does bring me to a good closing for today. Each park does have park security. Since they are meant to be safe “family friendly” areas it is nice that they have this set up. Then you never need to worry about someone harassing you while you are just trying to have a great time.

Next week we shall review our last two Disney themed Second Life areas, discuss role-playing policies for all of them, pick our favorite, & tell a few stories. 

Till Then…

“Tipsy” Cerulean

*The parks are not doing this for profit nor are they affiliated in any way with Disney. Most of the parks do have signs up stating this. The money that is donated goes to paying for the land. I do suggest giving each of them a few L$ when you visit so they can keep running.*


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