Tipsy’s List Of Shame

I wanted to write down my top four SL things that need to be shamed from the last two weeks. Everything from blinky prims to asshole people. There has been some funky uprising as of late that completely involves immature behavior, disregard towards others, & just flat-out SLupidity.

If you made the list then…you suck…

1. Two Child Avatars At A Major Event With Topless Man In Shorts On Roller Skates (G Area) – I am standing around looking at something at this current major when two male “child” avatars come rolling in with an adult avie. The adult avie just happens to be wearing nothing but shorts & roller skates. He’s just kinda standing around with a “heeerrr heerrr herrr” laugh every time the “children” avatars say something that involves curse words or slam everyone that walks by them. I’m a tiny bulldog avatar in a dress with the mouth of a sailor. If you haven’t guessed by now (I don’t know how you wouldn’t notice) I love to say bad words. This is different. These avies were just flat-out crude & rude. There is a time & a place but saying “fuck this & fuck that” at a very busy G sim isn’t one of them.

2. Tummy Talker Lady (G Area) –
When your fake preggo belly says this….” Feels like I am sinking in here as the uterus is getting bigger and I am settling into your pelvis more now.”…outloud in public then you are a stupid ass. No one wants to hear that shit. Come on! I hate tummy takers & everyone who wears them looks like an idiot. There. I said it.

3. Colorful Squiggle Griefer (M Area) – I went to check out a piece of virtual property that was for sale the other day. When I teleported in the entire sim was griefed with large prim shapes spinning around that looked like someone painted macaroni noodles & hung them in the air. Whoever did this is a sack of dog crap. You probably ruined a lot of people’s days by doing something so stupid. Needless to say I didn’t even stick around to check the land out. I did, however, report your ass. You’re welcome.

4. The Penis Griefer (G Area) – A sim that I spend a lot of time in was recently griefed by someone who decided to make multiplying penis pictures rain down upon its residents. We’re not talking cartoon dicks. We’re talking porn picture penises. (Try saying that five times fast…that’s a mouthful…that’s what she said…OK..sorry..can’t help myself..) This was not only annoying to those who live on these sims but it was also in horrible taste as they were G rated sims. To make matters worse when trying to return or remove the invisible prim that was causing this it would go into this technicolor flashing that would make any graphics card cry. After much “Oh No” & reporting it was finally taken care of. I saw this first hand and it was horrible. Having a situation like this on any sim is no fun. Having adult material flashing on a sim that happens to be G rated is worse. Kudos to everyone who got the mess straightened out.

I would like to give a big crown of shit to this rounds Shame List winner…The Penis Griefer Group. Not only did you harass residents with your words you assaulted them with graphic sex pictures & graphic melting colors. The crown fits perfectly because you are all pieces of shit. 

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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