Looking For That Bunny

Since Easter is almost upon us I thought that I would touch on the most important part of the holiday. The Easter Bunny. Some people might argue & say that it has to do with a religious zombie that comes back from the dead. Or the whole feeling of Springtime. For me, it’s all about a bunny that somehow brings us chocolate & eggs. How he brings eggs when he is a bunny I do not know. I just assume that he has an army of chickens who work for him.

Since the Mr. E. Bunny is important I thought I would teleport to a few places that had promises of Easter goodness. Alas, some of these areas had absolutely no signs of bunnies, candy, or spring when they used the keyword “Easter” in search. Instead I ran into an orgy, a slut clothing store, & an empty club. Go figure.

I did, however, find a bit of the Easter Bunny spirit at the Botianica Botanical Garden (G). It is a store but the plus part was that, not only is it also a garden, but I found lots of bunny related stuff. Bunnies with eggs. Bunnies just kinda hanging out. Bunnypalosa.

How Do You Do Mr. Bunny?

How Do You Do Mr. Bunny?

If you are big into the whole SL hunt thing then you will find that they currently have something called the “Spring Gardens Easter Egg Hunt” going on. All you need to do is click the hunt sign, read what you need to do, put the basket on that they give you, & TADA you are ready to Easter egg hunt. I can show you one of the hunt items that I found which was a really cool bunny ear hat. Made me kinda feel like I was going on some sort of spring safari.

Bunny Hats Are Cool!

Bunny Hats Are Cool!

Back on my search I ended up weeding through stores, strip clubs, sex clubs, sex & strip clubs…you get the picture. That is sometimes one of the hardest things when it comes to searching for a holiday. You need to carefully weed out the areas that are either have nothing to do with the holiday itself or those that are basically shops.

Or the ones that have the holiday in the name with the word “town” after it. ZING!

After a bit of zipping around the grid I ended up at the Oasis Zoo (M). After you get your zoo animal watching on they actually have a tiny little area completely dedicated to Easter.

I Found The Bunny!

I Found The Bunny!

It’s not really a huge holiday thing to write a virtual letter home to but it does have Easter stuff & lot’s of bunnies. Being a zoo I’m glad they didn’t skimp on the rabbits. (Oh…and they are not breedables…WOOO!!!)

Haaalp! I'm Under Attack!!

Haaalp! I’m Under Attack!!

Good luck on your Easter Bunny hunt as you wander around the grid this year. Beware of the areas that just flat-out lie. Avoid “towns”. Try not to get sucked into the shopping hype. And…beware of bunnies trying to step on your face if you lay down.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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