Weekend Crazy Funtime

I feel that “Weekend Crazy Funtime” sounds so much better than saying “I found some cool shit to do in Second Life this weekend!”

I care.

Here are a few of my super top picks of things you must check out this weekend as well as a heads up for one of the greatest things you can  possibly visit next month.

The 2013 Kawaii Fair is currently going on until April 26th. Kawaii means loveable/cute so expect to see a lot of cute items. You can check out their official blog for more information.

The Raglan Shire still has Super Hero’s/Villains month going on as well as it being the Shire’s 6th Birthday. Be sure to visit in your hero or villain costume before the end of the month. For more information please check out their official website as well as the events calendar for events going on throughout the month.

Fear My Giant Olive!

Fear My Giant Olive!

If you plan on doing the Shires Hero/Villain month then I do suggest you come up with an original character & join the fun. My super persona, the inebriator, is a “neutral spirit” hero. I’m neither good nor evil. If it’s a Friday night you love me. But if it’s a Saturday morning you might hate me. So I’m good & evil. All depends on how you view me.


If you are looking for a place to take beautiful pictures or just hang in nature check out Winter Moon (M). Beautiful & dark with rain that seems to randomly move around to different spots around the sim. HIGHLY suggest you go check it out.

Here I Sit.

Here I Sit.

Also…The Raglan Shire has their art month coming up in May. It will run from May 5th – 26th. This is a HUGE installation of art from Second Life residents & one of the biggest events. For registration information as well as information about this amazing month of art please check out the Shire’s Art Website.

Have A Wonderful Virtual Weekend Everyone!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

The first photo was just cropped & the words were added to the photo. The black & white photo was edited using Pixlr to show artsy fartsy-ness.


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