I Really Mustache

I’ve been totally slacking in the article department as of late. I apologize for that but real life has been kicking my ass. I am currently in the middle of moving in real life. I have very little time left to get ready and, on top of that, I will probably be without the internet until it gets hooked up.


But don’t fear! It’s only temporary till the move is complete. We will be back with brand new articles, news, (& podcasts that I do for T.O.T.) in the middle to end of May. Gives me time to unpack, get my internet on, & write new stuff.

Trying To Keep My Suitcases Closed!

Trying To Keep My Suitcases Closed!

Wish Me Luck!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Where I got my ‘Stach:

Mustache Art (Wall & Floor) – Art is from [WM] Wayward Muse. They have a large collection of mustache art (all of which I own)

Suitcases – Machinarium Suitcase (Gacha) from Vespertine

Hat – got my fedora off of the SL Marketplace. I wear a lot of hats (and especially fedoras)

Outfit – shirt & mesh skirt are both from MishMish (Items for both big & small avatars)


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  1. “I really Mustache” , I see what you did there…..

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