Coming Home

We’re back!

Break out the bottles of boozes. Blow up the party balloons. 

It’s been a while & real life put us out of commission for a while. Construction hassles, internet hassles, hassles with a side of hassles took a lot out of us but we’ve finally come through to the end. Which means…drum roll…The SLA Review is back to its regularly scheduled articles.

Huzzah & Stuff!

First off I would like to thank those that were supportive & patient while we went through hell to get back to the writing & the virtual community. Thank you to those who have stuck around to actually read this article. Thanks from the bottom of our little alcoholic heart.

OK. Enough of the mushy crap. Let’s move on shall we…

First off the SLA/TOT office has been remodeled for Autumn. Fall leaves. Pumpkins. Information.

Remodeling Rocks!

Remodeling Rocks!

Feel free to sit in our chairs, wander the property, use our bathroom. It’s an open house baby so please come & enjoy!

Sit In Our Chairs!

Sit In Our Chairs!

I would also like to point out that I would like to start doing TOT podcasts again for the Tinies Of The Raglan Shire. This means that, if you have shout outs/news/whatever you want said during our podcast then please send it to us as soon as possible. If you need more information then check out the TOT website or come visit us in-world.

Since we are finally back I want to say that Halloween is around the corner. Every year I spend the month of October finding the craziest fun one can find for the holiday. So I will try to put out as much information I can for the next month. Think costumes, pumpkins, places to visit, plus so much more. I look forward to getting to work & I hope you look forward to reading all about it.


“Tipsy” Cerulean


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