Halloween Trail 2013

It’s that time of year again where we search out horror, zombies, pumpkins, & other Halloween spooktastic items. If you think about it, for most people, it’s not something we look for any other time of the year. 

Freaks! Freaks I tell ya! Freaks!

To start out our month of SL Halloween places & things we need to go back to a place I’ve done written about for the past couple of years. In their 7th year, Aero Pines Park is ready to scare  & amaze with their Halloween Trail 2013. Offering 5 connecting regions with over 20 interactive Halloween displays you’re bound to find something to wet your horror Halloween appetite. If you’re looking for various holiday events then they don’t disappoint with a calendar of Halloween related parties throughout the entire month of October. 

Tiny Bulldogs Are NOT Yummy!

Tiny Bulldogs Are NOT Yummy!

To be an honest review I would like to state that I would like to see their Halloween Trail change a bit more from its previous years. We’ve seen the chop shop. We’ve seen the man-eating plants. We’ve seen it before year after year. It feels old & outdated. Although I highly recommend checking them out I feel that things are getting stale into their 7th year. I know that it takes a LOT of time to put together such a large event but sometimes things need to change. Take the time to switch it up next year. Make it fresh & new. You won’t be sorry if you do. 

Get YOUR HEAD In The Game!

Get YOUR HEAD In The Game!

Go. Check them out, Have a bit of fun wandering around. It is, although stale feeling at times for those who have been there each year, is still worth a visit & a bit of your time. 

Aero Pines Park – Halloween Trail 2013 will be going on from October 1st to 31st. Be sure to find a sign that gives you a bit of information on the trail as well as a map (Which…as of this writing…was an old map from 2011)

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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