Grim Memories

While searching for haunted places to review in Second Life I ran into a few items that got me thinking about the old Grim Babies, The Sleepy Hollow Sim, & Their Fearsome Orphanage.

“What the fuck is she talking about?”

I’m talking about the horrifying tongue in cheek prim baby parody that existed years ago. They were prim babies that were part abusive part garbage pail kids-esque with a side of creative story flavor. Each baby you would, basically, abuse instead of take care of.

Let the GASP-ING begin.

They were horrifying little babies that were appalling, inappropriate, & flat out funny. Each baby came with a background story notecard & a warning that the babies are “TOYS not children. Abusing prims is funny abusing kids is not!”


Abuse is wrong. We don’t hurt people/animals big or small. If people can’t separate reality from dark humor then they need help.

In my opinion, the funniest thing was that the Lindens were pretty OK with them when they came out. A few of the Lindens even had their own dolls you could kick around. I think that was around the time where everyone actually had a good sense of humor.

The babies appeared in 2006 & the last I had seen of them was around 2010. Where they went I do not know. Accounts closed & people disappeared. Did they walk away from SL? Get kicked?  Did people cry over the whole doll idea? I do still have my Marquis de Sade doll that someone bought me for Christmas years ago. He comes with a great warning that informs me to keep him away from “anything phallic shaped”.

Ugly Little Bastard!

Ugly Little Bastard!

On top of the prim dark humor babies there was this deliciously scary & horrifying orphanage where you felt you were in some sort of sick version of every parentless childs nightmare. Blood on the walls, voices whispering in the dark, a kitchen that would not have passed health inspection laws. I miss this place because I have yet to find a sickening  horror area in Second Life that comes close to what they had achieved.

I do not know what happened to the Grim Babies or Orphanage. I would love to see someone bring back the dark humor & horror of Second Life again as successfully as they once did. 

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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