Zombie Attack!!

The Zombie Attack Game (G) has come back for another Shocktober on the Raglan Shire. I love this small zombie shooter because it always reminds me of Left 4 Dead with the health packs & items you can find as you run around trying to survive.

That Mist Looks Unhealthy!

That Mist Looks Unhealthy!

It’s extremely easy to get yourself hooked up & ready to play. Just grab a free hud then choose which weapon you would like to use to go into the zombie slaughter. (Two choices: Medieval Or Modern. I went with Modern.)

The zombies vary from girls to iconic horror characters to bunnies out for your blood. Just read the easy directions for your system & get out there to destroy the zombies before they destroy you. If you find yourself in a jam or need time take a rest then head back to the shed where you started. The wood chipper (OF DOOM as I like to call it) will keep all of the zombies out of harms way.



So…if you’re looking for a solid zombie shooter in a virtual world then I highly recommend checking out the Raglan Shires Zombie Attack Game (G) before Shocktober is no more.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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