Tiny Horrors

The Raglan Shire has once again brought us their House Of Horrors (G) for their Shocktober celebration!

We've Got Munchies!

We’ve Got Munchies!

This is always my favorite haunted house in Second Life because it’s not overly horrifying so it’s friendly to everyone both big  & small. The thing that sets this haunted house apart from other haunted houses is the amount of work & creativity that goes into it from the members of the Shire community. From the details of the basement to the haunted hallways they always strive to bring a spooktacular scare in a fun & lighthearted manner.

Clowns Scare Me!

Clowns Scare Me!

This is a haunted house that is for avatars both biggie & tiny. I like this. It’s not like every other house on the grid that caters to those who choose to be human avatars. It has elements of fun, horror, & scares for all.

I'll Save You!

I’ll Save You!

Be sure to take your time wandering around as there is so much to see. You’ll find everything from a theater in the attic to a wonderful library.

Stop Flying So I Can Read You!

Stop Flying So I Can Read You!

The Raglan Shire Haunted House (G) is open to everyone till the end of Shocktober.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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