Halloween Party Time!

On Saturday October 12th I’ll be throwing a Halloween party for the Tinies On Tape podcast that both myself & “St.” Bishop do (along with a few other colorful characters). I wanted to invite everyone who would like to come, learn more about our show, & have a hauntingly good time.


In the spirit of all that is Halloween I came up with the top 10 things you need to celebrate the holiday.

It’s my favorite holiday!

10 Things You Need For Halloween

1. Booze: You always need booze. I shouldn’t even have to explain myself.

2. Pumpkins: You can’t have Halloween without some kick ass decorated pumpkin. I’ve done Godzilla, Zombie Pumpkin eating baby pumpkins, & even the traditional “I’m drunk & I threw up on myself” pumpkin. Who knows what I’ll do this year.

3. Music: You need to throw away that damn “Monster Mash” movie & find something else that screams horror. I like to go with such great hits as “Seabeast” by Mastodon & “Gravedigger” By Dave Matthews. If you really want to make peoples ears bleed then I recommend anything by The Eagles

God..I hate The Eagles.

4. Phantasm: One of my all time favorite horror movies of all time. You can’t go wrong with a duel modified sawed off shotgun, a tall man, metal balls of DEATH, & an ex-ice cream man.

5. Costumes: Kick ass costumes both in & out of Second Life. Last year I was an emo zombie (“I eat brains just so I can feel.”) in real life. In SL I wore numerous costumes. (Butcher Lady, Pumpkin, Candy Corn). Part of the fun of Halloween is picking out a costume.

I'm Scary!

I’m Scary!

Booze…wait…I already said that…

6. Rocky Horror Picture Show: I use to perform Rocky Horror in real life before I moved. (I miss doing it!) I still do it in SL as much as I can.

7. Zombie Walk: I LOVE Zombie walks. In real life I recommend trying to find one in your area. If not then it’s always fun to zombie shuffle through a grocery store on Halloween.

8. Repo Man – The Genetic Opera: You really should know all of the lyrics to this craptastic musical

9. Decorations: I am a sucker for window clings in real life. In SL the possiblities are endless when it comes to decorating.

10. Parties: Go to a lot of parties. Massive amounts of parties. Come to my party!

The TOT Halloween Blowout is on Saturday Oct. 12th at 3pm SLT. Wear a costume!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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