A Pickled Haunting

Today we’re going to visit a  lovely (Can you call a haunted house “lovely”?)  traditional haunted house called PIckled Spooky (M). I’ll be honest with you. I decided to visit this place because it had the word “Pickled” in it. Doesn’t scream “I am a horror blood filled house of death” as much as it makes me think of food & people who are drunk.

Despite the fact that I now have this weird urge to drink alcoholic beverages that are garnished with pickles this is a pretty eerie looking haunted house. I don’t think it’s the blood & ghosts that do it as much as the ambient noises, cries, & screams that ice the Halloween cake. (I’m stuck on food now.) Any holiday area can slap a few ghosts into a building but what makes a place is using the right background sounds as well as a story to go with the whole package. It’s the olive in the martini. It’s not the same unless you have that olive. (I’m also thirsty.)

I like this haunted house. It feels fresh. Fresh like a trip to the farmers market. 

OK. I’ll stop now.

When I first walked into the living room a voice whispered “Help Me” so, being slightly hungry & a tad bit thirsty thought that they wanted help in the kitchen. I don’t think that’s exactly what they were trying to say but I did have fun helping the cook out.

Kiss The Cooks

Kiss The Cooks

Every time I tried to take the picture the hanging corpse kept fuzzing out on me. Not the fault of Pickled Spooky. Totally the fault of SL itself. I’m at least happy that I got a great picture of myself with the cook. (Yes…he’s wearing a “Kiss The Cook” hat.)

I don’t want to ruin the background story or scares of this house so I HIGHLY recommend checking it out. Sometimes places with the strangest names will end up surprising you. I must say that Pickled Spooky (M) did just that.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SLurl: Pickled Spooky (M)

The meat costume that I am wearing I got last Halloween from the wonderful Clover Denzo from “Totally Tinies”. It is called “Tiny Bloody Butcher Lady”. There is also a mens version as well. (You can see a picture of Bishop wearing it last year HERE) Great place to find great things!


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