Haunted Or Horrid?

I wanted to like this place. I really did. There is so much to see & do so I really wanted to like this place.

I didn’t.

Haunted (M) looks promising when you read the description but starts to fall apart as soon as you visit the area out of many they have to offer. After visiting one area I was about ready to just leave as I wrote in my notes “This is the worst fucking haunted manor I have ever had the displeasure of walking into on Second Life!”. That didn’t exactly scream confidence in the rest of the place. Trying to be a positive person I decided that one small thing wouldn’t stop me from visiting all that Haunted had to offer. So…since I had to do it you have to read about it. Let me break down my thoughts on each area for your pleasure…displeasure…whatever

I will even throw in a highlighted positive for each one. I’m a giver.

The Creepy Carnival: One word really sums it up. Boring. I’ve been to many carnival of horrors before & I was just bored. The Murder Manor that sits atop a hill that is hard to walk up is the worst piece of garbage I’ve ever tried to visit.  You need to use mouselook if you want to try & get around corners. I am betting that it is harder for a regular sized avatar then my tiny one. This manor gave me that wonderful line “…displeasure of walking into on Second Life”. At this point I said “Fuck This” & left the carnival area ticked off that I had wasted my time on that stupid Murder Manor. Oh yeah…a positive..The entrance to the Carnival isn’t bad.

Damn Hill!

Damn Hill!

Haunted Playground: It’s a spine-chilling broken down playground complete with a Mayfair pole made with guts. A positive is that it’s small but not too bad if you want to take a guts break. Or slide down a slide. 

Looks Messy.

Looks Messy.

Haunted House: There is actually not a whole lot to say here. It’s small. There really isn’t anything in it. If you’ve been to another haunted house in Second Life this year (& probably last year) then you’ve seen all of the scary stuff in this one. One the positive side…umm…it has scary sounds.

Blood Beach: It’s small. I know that’s not a very exciting sentence but it’s small. You can get eaten by sand & plants. There is blood. A positive would be watching a zombie surf. 

Surfs Up Dude.

Surfs Up Dude.

Pet Cemetary: Not too much happening here. It’s eerie. The animals didn’t look dead but more like pissed off. A positive is that it made me wonder if this is where all of those crappy prim breeding animals go when they die.  

Voodoo Isle: I spent, maybe, a whole minute here. There are snake rezzers here with snakes that have a health meter. When they bite you they cause you to shoot up high into the air. Not exactly easy to walk around, look at anything, or even get into a building when you are constantly getting shot into the air. A positive…hmm…I like saying the word “Voodoo”.  

Pirate Bay: Small but it did actually have a few positive points. You could scuba dive to look at a ghost ship complete with a ghost shark. Walk into the pirate bar & kinda hang out. If you’re feeling saucy you could throw caution to the wind & say “Arrggg me matey” a lot.

Dungeon: Yet another small place that was a dungeon…and that’s about it. I guess it would work if you feel like hanging around like a piece of meat & moaning a lot. That could be fun. (That’s a positive….yes…works for me…)

Oh..I don’t want to forget to mention there is a…shopping area.

Overall I was disappointed in the time I spent there. I know that people take the time to plan out these things but sometimes you need to maybe concentrate on one theme instead of several. I just feel that  all of these ideas completely broke down into a jumbled failed mess. You can visit Haunted (M) if you want but I just have one word that sums up how I felt after spending the time there just to write about it.


“Tipsy” Cerulean


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