Pumpkins, Foxes, & Cake!

The other day I got a pumpkin carousel from one of my favorite in-world residents Pieni who owns the store Cake Fox.

Hope On Board Squishy!

Hope On Board Squishy!

You can’t help but love anyone that is a Cake Fox. Foxes are awesome. Cake is awesome. Cake Foxes are double the awesome power.

The pumpkin Carousel is great because it’s mesh & only has a land impact of 10. OK…that’s not what  you really want to hear (Land impact makes people fall asleep. “Let’s talk about land impa…zzzzzz..”). What you want to hear is “Does this awesome looking carousel work?”.

We’ll I’m glad you asked! (I feel like I should be in an infomercial. I’d rock the announcer voice thing.)

It works great! Seriously this little carousel completely rocks! It’s not just for tinies but it also will work with dinkies and biggies as well. Love this little detail because most of us have friends in-world that are both big and small. I put it out at my office if anyone would like to stop in & take it for a spin.

After twirling around on my pumpkin Carousel for a while I picked up a few hats that Cake Fox has. I am a sucker for hats on SL. I’m always wearing something on my head. (Tiny Bulldogs may have fur but they don’t have luscious heads of flowing hair). The first hat I picked up is the Streampunk Top Hat With Dancing Doll. I REALLY dig anything steampunk & absolutely love this hat. I feel very jaunty in it.


I also picked up an apple hat because they say “An Apple Hat A Day Keeps The Fashion Doctor Away”.

Mmm...Apple Hat....

Mmm…Apple Hat….

I want to thank Pie for the awesome Pumpkin Carousel & tell everyone to check out Cake Fox!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

You can check out Cake Fox Here.


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