Trick Or Treat Smell My Feet

Every year I like to try & find places in Second Life that offer some sort of traditional feel to trick or treating. A virtual experience where you dress up in a costume, go door to door, & get candy. As an adult we no longer get that fun.

Living in the country you’d have to walk miles to even attempt to trick or treat. 

This year I was disappointed because there really wasn’t a large amount of trick or treat anything. There are a lot of hunts that are calling themselves trick or treating but it’s not the same thing. There is no prim bowl of candy for you to pretend to munch on. I did, however, find at least two places to talk about today. One with a sort of traditional trick or treat feel while the other one really had no treats.

1. Halloween Trick Or Treating & Activities (Newfoundland Estates) (G): This is a really well put together advertisement to get you to stay at the NFL (not the football NFL) estates. It has a lot of information on why you should rent, how you can rent, what they offer but it’s actually kinda cute. It looks nice & it actually has you walking around from little house to little house collecting your candy. If you can get past the advertising & the fact that the area is small it’s not a bad visit.



I do want to point out that the teleport I got from the search stuck me under the ground. The one I have here will put you on the ground.

2. Westeros Estates Haunted Trail (M): This came up when I searched “Trick Or Treat” but there really isn’t any candy to collect. I did see a tip jar that was shaped like a bag of gummy bears but it’s just not the same.

Despite this it’s not a bad community full of small, frightening houses for you to wander around. Think of it as a haunted neighborhood.

From a bar filled with skeletons getting their party on…

Dancing With New Friends.

Dancing With New Friends.

To a hospital that probably has a high mortality rate.

Waiting Patiently.

Waiting Patiently.

I’m sad that I didn’t get any candy here but it’s not a bad walk about.

This year didn’t bring me as much virtual candy as I crave (No calories here people) but I’m still searching for that ultimate trick or treating experience. If you know of an area that is doing a traditional trick or treating or are doing one yourself let me know. Maybe I’ll take a visit & write about it!

“Tipsy” Cerulean 

I also wanted to mention that I’m helping out the Raglan Shire Trick Or Treat this year.


This is a really cool trick or treating experience because it takes you to various businesses as well as residential homes in the Shire sims looking for treats. Each participating location will have a candy corn to purchase for 0L as well as a sign letting you know they are a part of it this year. You can see a list of all participating locations right HERE. I recommend checking it out!

Trick Or Treating In The  Shire runs from October 25th-31st


2 responses

  1. For trick or treating the Havenhollow sim has an awesome experience plus a haunted house at the end:

    1. Very Awesome! Will check it out!

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