Ghosts, Caves, & Teletubbies

During my excursion into the wild virtual world of hell for the sake of Halloween I decided to take Lil’ Announcer from the TOT along with me. We needed to a set of non-jaded eyes for opposite opinions sake. I would also like to point out that Lil’ Announcer gets scared from anything horrifying, has never seen a hardcore horror film, but really loves “Shawn Of The Dead”. Today we decided to visit NY’s Haunted House & Cave Ride (M).

Let us start with the Cave Ride.

Lil’ Announcer: The really scary faces that appear out of the blue during the entire ride scared the crap out of me. The sudden appearance of teletubbies in the middle of a haunted cave ride was over the top freakish. Nothing screams “Halloween” more than a teletubby.

Hopefully Those Tentacles Eat Them.

Hopefully Those Tentacles Eat Them.

Tipsy: I have to agree with the teletubby scare. There is nothing that can scare you more in this life than a person in a bear like costume with a television in its stomach. Also one of the “scary” faces that come at you looks like it has a penis for a nose. I’ve dubbed it Penis Nose McBloody Face. As for the rest of the ride I found it extremely boring. We get it. There are ghosts floating around & its suppose to be spooky. Now move on to something else. There really isn’t that much to see except for a lot of walls and….yes…more ghosts.

It's All Fun & Games Till Someone Loses Their Head.

It’s All Fun & Games Till Somebody Loses Their Head.

Now for the haunted house portion of our review.

Lil’ Announcer: In one of the rooms in the house there is a statue of Jason skewering someone. This scared the absolute poops out of me. The music they use for atmosphere freaked me out. It…freaked…me….out…. The house was just  full of bloody stuff. Swimming pool full of blood. Bloody bad guy. Bloody looking girl who needed a shower and maybe some deodorant.

Take A Shower Stinky.

Take A Shower Stinky.

Tipsy: Every house needs an outdoor fiery hell pool of blood & squishy bits.  I’m planning on building one myself for parties & sacrifices on the weekends.

We saw a lot of the same in haunted houses last year. Even the Jason skewering someone. I can understand that it’s hard to find things that not everyone is using when these aren’t bad items to freak people out with. Not everyone can build so sometimes you have to work with what you’ve got. I do have to say that the haunted house is kinda neat & overall worth a trip.

SLurl: NY’s Haunted House & Cave Ride (M)

Big thanks to Lil’ Announcer from the TOT for helping me out today. They’ll be back for another round of haunted houses later this month.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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