Get Your Costume On!

Halloween is almost here! 


OK. Don’t panic if you don’t have your virtual Halloween costume ready this year. Here are a few that I have found that might help you make it to your trick or treating party blowout on time.

1. Cirrus Design – LJ Witchy Outfit With Bat Broom (75L) 

Witchy Puppeh!

Witchy Puppeh!

I LOVE this witches costume! It comes with everything you need from pointy hat to little broom. The broom emits bats but you can turn them off if needed by clicking the broom.

2. Halloween Ghost Avatar – 1L On Marketplace

Boo And Stuff

Boo And Stuff

You can click on the ghost to change it size as well as make it disappear in open chat. It’s not too bad for 1L. There are a few things that you’ll need to do to it to make it work for you. Size it to fit (I recommend using a full body alpha to make yourself invisible. Easier to hide your body parts) & you’ll need an AO if you don’t feel like duck walking around.

3. Totally Tinies – Your Head On A Plate!/On A Stick! (50L)

Oh Nooooo!

Oh Nooooo!

There is nothing out that can make you laugh while looking freaky as much as being a head on a plate or on a stick.


It’s a super easy costume to put on (Read The Directions! It’s Easy!) & will make you giggle as you wander around trying to scare people.

4. Horror Doll Outfit – 10L On Marketplace (Mesh)

I Didn't Do It!

I Didn’t Do It!

It’s not a bad outfit. Comes with the dress, blood, hair bow, knife, & thigh high socks. It’s a pretty decent outfit for the price. With the number of outfit changes some of us make throughout the entire month of October we need quality for low prices.

I hope that these costume ideas help you out as you bounce from virtual Halloween party to party! 

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Photos were taken at the Raglan Shire Haunted House as well as the TOT Offices.


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