Autumn Coffee Time

As Autumn hits I find myself getting back into the swing of hot beverages. Coffee. Hot Chocolate. Hot Tea (My Favorite). As I trekked my way across the grid I happened to stumble upon a small coffee-house in Second Life called the Autumn Cafe (G) that combines a love of small coffee houses with the season.



It is a very small place. Just a small skybox with a well thought out idea of what a coffee-house would look like in the Fall. Autumn leaves. Bonfires. Bookshelves & a feeling of home.

I Feel All Warm & Fuzzy.

I Feel All Warm & Fuzzy.

I enjoy the small, out-of-the-way places we sometimes stumble upon in our travels. The Autumn Cafe (G) would make a good place to take a friend for a conversation or get virtual work done in a quiet setting with no interruptions. There isn’t too much more one can say on this place except it’s nice & laid back. If you’re looking for a place on the grid to get away from the “Wolf Howling” gestures & the crowds then give The Autumn Cafe (G) a visit.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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