Canadian Camping Trip

Tipsy’s Thought Of The Day: I like it when camping in Second Life ACTUALLY means camping & not sitting in a chair ten minutes for 1L.

Camping always comes to mind when Fall hits. It’s probably not the first thing that people think of but the changing of the colors & the cooler temperatures make me want to go hiking or sleep in a tent. Why would I want to go camping in the Summer? It’s too hot & I love air conditioning. Winter’s too wintry. Springs OK but give me Autumn camping anytime.

Tents ROCK!

Tents ROCK!

Our first campground in Second Life for the Fall season is a little place called Pinecliffe Campgrounds (M). It’s a small camping area that warns us that we must “watch out for Canadian Wildlife”.



Although this park is on the small side it does offer a lot of activities from biking to tubing around a river. What stands out to me is the campsites complete with tents (and a few with ready-made campfires…how we don’t burn the prim forest down is a mystery only a fire safety bear could solve).

It is on the small side but it is a lot of fun to hike around or hang out at a campsite. Pinecliffe Campgrounds is located next to a suburban/small town called “Ocean Pointe” which takes the concept of shopping in SL & mixes it with homes to live in to give you a sort of small town community feel. I am not a fan of malls or large shopping areas on Second Life. I understand…commerce…blah blah whatever but it’s really not for me. I do, however, not mind when they take the shopping aspect of a virtual community & make it into a town where it fits in with its surroundings. Instead of a square building taking up space it blends in to make you feel like you’re actually wandering around a city.

Stopping For Directions.

Stopping For Directions.

So…I do recommend taking a few moments to wander around the Pinecliffe Campgrounds (M). It may be small but it’s not too shabby (Just watch out for bears!). If you’re feeling adventurous then try wandering into the town of Ocean Pointe. You never know when you might need camping supplies.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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