Breakfast Of Champions

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

That’s what they tell me. Personally I just drink a glass of ice tea. Sometimes I’ll throw in some spicy Mexican food. I’m weird like that.

Virtually we can find that more traditional breakfast food fare if you’re into staring at prim pancakes or waffles or whatever. I like the whole virtual restaurant concept from the small diner to the full service Second Life restaurant. Restaurant role play is actually pretty neato.

Why yes I was wearing my nerd glasses while I typed that.

So…breakfast…where the hell are we going to find breakfast in Second Life? I recommend first starting out at The Bearnaise Cafe (M). Serving both breakfast & lunch daily it’s a pretty funky feeling cafe that is beautifully decorated & welcomes all avatars.


I'm Thinking Waffles.

I’m Thinking Waffles.

All Welcome! That’s a big selling point for me. Contrary to what you might think a small bulldog in a dress & hat isn’t always welcome everywhere. Thank you Bearnaise Cafe for being open to all. I was the only patron there when I visited very early in the morning so I sat down & had a bit of tea before I was off to the next breakfast joint.

Tea Time!

Tea Time!

There are a lot of sims in Second Life who don’t try to hide the fact that they are trying to recreate a real life restaurant in a virtual world. They don’t change the name. They don’t change the logo. They don’t try to hide it.  Ocean Pointe: A Beautiful Canadian Town (It’s what the description of the place says!) just happens to have a Tim Hortons (M). If you can’t get to a real Tim Hortons and have this urge to get your donut on then you can always visit the one in Ocean Pointe to find it.

ALL The Donuts!!

ALL The Donuts!!

So you can get your real breakfast nom-ing on or you can be a bit like me. Grab some ice tea. Some leftover Mexican food & search out the virtual breakfast joints to get your prim waffle on. Whatever your choice have a great start to a great day!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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