Camping Adventure?

On my quest to find great places to virtually camp within Second Life that involve tents rather than sitting for L$ I came across a campground called King Izzy’s Camping Adventure (M). The word “Adventure” did make me feel like I would have some sort of thrilling hike through the greatest woods of all time. Humming a jaunty tune I packed my backpack & headed out to camping adventure-is-nesh-whatever. 

Let’s get all of the technical “Well…What do I do there?” shizzle out-of-the-way.

King Izzy’s Camping Adventure (M) offers furnished large & mini cabins for rent if you would like to extend your camping trip for a couple of days. They do allow you to rez your own prims but ask that you clean them up as soon as you are done with them. If you don’t then they’ll ask you to leave (it’s in their notecard). This makes sense because it always you to rez your fun fun toy time but doesn’t clutter the sim. They also ask that you respect the privacy of others by not going into their camping areas, bothering them, or caming. If you’re not into the whole cabin stay then there are small tent sites that are also for rent.

Let's Roast Stuff!

Let’s Roast Stuff!

Besides places to spend the night there are also numerous activities to partake in. Playground, picnics, fishing, duck hunting, biking.. The list just keeps on going. There is also a beach area if you have this sudden urge to get your virtual jet ski on. If you’re not in the mood for the whole beach or hiking deal then you can always visit the Cactus Moon Club which offers events & dancing every Friday & Saturday Night.



Now…it’s time for…my opinion. BUM BUM BUUUUMMMMMM!

King Izzy’s Camping Adventure (Say that five times fast) feels “renty” and outdated. I don’t mind it when get a bit of the retro prim builds going on but I feel like I’m lost somewhere in the woods with 2007 buildings. While I was visiting I enjoyed checking out the camp sites but saw a tent floating above the ground. I also saw a picture of a bear floating above the ground (Maybe it’s for bear hunting…I don’t know.) Small things but things worth mentioning.

I visited the Cactus Moon Club during a weekday while there wasn’t an event going on. Gave me an opportunity to ride the bull and drink a LOT of alcohol. The club isn’t half bad if you are into honky-tonk bars where you can play pool or line dance (or whatever one does at a honky-tonk bar). I do want to mention that their notecard says that the club is a virtual tribute to Bobby Mackey. 

All in all, aside from the renty old prim feel it’s not too bad if you want to sleep in a tent, get your honky-tonk on, or take your virtual family on a hike. If you don’t mind my opinion then King Izzy’s Camping Adventure (M) might not be too bad for you.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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