Natural Wilderness

When I first rezzed into Natural Wilderness (M) I was, honestly, put off by seeing podiums with skyboxes for me to visit by paying so much for so long to privately use them. I thought I was duped into visiting an area that wanted me to pay to hang with people or have sex. Although they do have these skyboxes that’s only a tiny portion of the bigger picture.

Wheewwww…I’m glad that wasn’t all there was…

I’m not into renting a skybox for a period of time so I was very relieved when I started hiking the sim & found just how much that Natural Wilderness really has to offer. If you’re into the pure virtual-ness of nature then I recommend either grabbing a horse to ride from the free horse rezzer or hiking blindly into the wilderness.

Haalp!! I'm Stuck In Leaves!

Haalp!! I’m Stuck In Leaves!

During the time I spent just walking through the sim I discovered pose balls among the autumn leaves, dancing, romantic ocean views, & so much more. There is a wonderful Wilderness Gallery on the sim that shows real life nature photos that inspired the sim. It was nice to see what inspired someone to build such a beautiful sim.

Not once did I run into any shopping that spoiled the whole natural sim vibe. That’s, you probably know by now, is a biggie with me. Keep it simple. Keep it shopping free.

Let's See Where This Takes Us.

Let’s See Where This Takes Us.

I do recommend taking a moment out of your day to wander around Natural Wilderness (M). It was a pleasant surprise after a bumpy rez start.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Quick Rundown On Skyboxes & Rules Of Natural Wilderness (M)

1. No nudity or sexual activity allowed unless in a private skybox.

2. No weapons. No vampire biting. (Vampires welcome…just don’t bite.)

3. Skyboxes Costs: 75L/60 minutes, 100L/90 minutes, 140L/120 minutes.  5 minutes are free so that you may look at the skyboxes before deciding.

4. Skybox Types: Spring Forest Glade, Autumn Bathhouse, Summer Meadow, Winter Wonderland

5. You may rez items but please do not rez large items & clean up after yourself.


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