Run Run Reindeer

I decided to get a head start on writing for the Christmas season this year. It helps me out because I get so many ideas that I need lots of time to write them all. Because of some of the things going on in the sim I am about write about it couldn’t wait until the month of December. So…enjoy a little bit of Pre-December holiday cheer!

While browsing the word “Reindeer” & humming a lil’ tune I came across Christmas At Winter Holiday Village (G). I’ve written about them in the past & even found a review I did on them in 2011. I decided to pop on over & give them another well deserved review for this holiday season.

When using the search keyword “Reindeer” you soon discover that it’s a pain in the ass to weed out the crappy stores from the yuletide fun. I took a chance on one to find out that it just dumped me out in a reject store with crap from the dawn of Second Life. It had a penguin that was making a noise that sounded like a cross between a bird saying “ho ho ho” & someone with a breathing problem. If I was able to kick a prim penguin across a sim this one would have been airborne.

Christmas At Winter Holiday Village (G) does have shopping but it’s not slapping you in the face. If you need holiday decorations then you can make your way to their holiday store. If not then you can go forth to ski, sled, skate, or just ride around in a one horse open sleigh.

Hey..jingl..sorry…was about to burst into song. 

The sim is pretty massive & there is too much to mention in just one article. There are a few things that I would like to point out. First and foremost…beware of the polar bears. They like to get vicious if you get too close without introducing yourself.

Friend Not Food!

Friend Not Food!

After a few minutes of explaining that I was friend not food they decided to let me live.

In all seriousness it’s a really nice holiday sim. Throughout the season they are offering music events as well as the arrival of Santa Claus at noon SLT on November 29th. You can get a free photo with Santa from Mrs. Claus.


If you’re looking for some sort of family holiday getaway, a place to take winter photos, or just somewhere to wander around then Christmas At Winter Holiday Village (G) is probably the best place you’ll find it all.

Just watch out for those Polar Bears.

Wave Them Around Like You Just Don't Care!

Wave Them Around Like You Just Don’t Care!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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