Dream Of Winter

The start of December & the holiday season means it’s time to dig out those scarves & gloves. Maybe attempt to decorate a tree in lights. Plan holiday meals.

In Second Life the same occurs only in a different matter. The closet you dig your winter gear out of is an inventory window. The snow you see doesn’t make you wish you lived in the tropics. Although there is a difference between the real world & the virtual world you still get the urge to get a little holiday festive. Be it with a prim snowball fight or a real one.

To start out the holiday season I started searching out places that offered me snow, winter, & a warm seasonal feel. Our first stop in this years December 2013 holiday tour takes us to Dream Winterwonderland (M). When you first rez in you’ll find yourself standing in a small holiday gift/decor shopping area. Don’t let these tiny stalls of commerce stop you from walking on by to check out the rest of the area. Beyond the shopping you find various things to do from a Christmas Ferris Wheel to a sweet shop full of cakes to drool at.

I Think It's Trying To Eat My Arm.

I Think It’s Trying To Eat My Arm.

The things that stood out the most to me was the romantic holiday atmosphere they were trying to portray through an ice cave with romantic dining & dancing (I drank the champagne while I was there) to dancing in the snow to laying together in a gazebo with your honey bunches of love while sipping champagne (Yes. I drank that too. By myself on a pillow. I’m a fancy loner.) Romance isn’t dead when it’s cold outside.

Not in the mood for romance? Then wander the paths, find the cave with the fireplace & tree, or just take a spin on the sled ride. Just make sure to not feed the bears or fall victim to an avalanche.

Oh No!

Oh No!

I did notice that they do have some skyboxes for rent. Fully furnished, 5 prims of personal use for 30/L a month. I thought this was worth mentioning for those that need cheap housing to change their clothes or talk to people.

Dream Winterwonderland (M) isn’t the largest of places nor is it a modern mecca of snowy mesh. It is a place to just sit back & enjoy the holiday season while it lasts.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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