Winter Scenes

Winter Scenes By Incendia Outdoors (G) is really long to type & I’m only reviewing the winter wonderland they have set up this year for the holiday season. So, since it’s so long & I get tired of typing it a million times we’ll just call it Winter Scenes for the rest of the review.

My fingers thank you.

Winter Scenes (G) is a beautiful world of snow & lights. Natural snow settings impress me when they are not surrounded by cheap holiday trinkets for sale or a blocky store slam in the middle of a field of reindeer. Winter Scenes has none of this but instead offers romantic dancing, horse & sleigh rides, as well as so many other activities.

I See You!

I See You!

The biggest highlights in my mind, besides the beautiful natural settings, is the fact that you can hang out in a lodge with your friends, ski, or go ice skating. I also…because I’m weird like that…dig the bums that seem to be scattered about the sim. Maybe they aren’t meant to be bums but they look bummy to me.

Mystery Meat!

Mystery Meat!

I highly recommend checking out Winter Scenes this year because it is a perfect spot to hang with friends, get into a snowball fight, or stare at even more bums.

Looks Cozy.

Looks Cozy.

There are a lot of crummy winter areas in Second Life that you need to weed through every year. Wading through the crap is what I do for you. Sometimes it’s frustrating to find the gems from the rocks in the mud. So…with that weird analogy said…go have a bit of snowy fun at Winter Scenes.

You’re Welcome.

“Tipsy” Cerulean



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