Once Christmas Night

One Christmas Night by Calas Galadhon has to be one of the best winter/holiday sims I have seen in Second Life. That’s a big compliment coming from me. I’m not one to give many areas the “one of the best” distinctions. It takes a hell of a lot to earn it from me.

I’ve praised Calas Galadhon before in the past from their parks to their Wizard Of Oz inspired ballroom. Now it’s time they get praise for their holiday offerings.

This beautifully built nature sim gives you the opportunity to take a sleigh ride (up to 4 in a sleigh or a romantic couples sleigh as you take in the beauty of snow at night. (Be sure to accept the regions windlight settings for maximum awesomeness). If you’re not in the mood for a sleigh ride or in the mood to take another trip around the sim then I also suggest you try out the flying reindeer tour.

Taking The Tour.

Taking The Tour.

When you’re finished touring the sim then don’t forget to check out the Calas Christmas Pavilion which offers amazing decor, ice skating, & a ballroom that will be doing live events all season long.

Oh Christmas Tree..

Oh Christmas Tree..

All I can say about One Christmas Night that this is a MUST in your holiday season. It’s not only built to perfection but it’s beautiful & fun to hang around. (As well as take holiday photos.)

Check it out! 

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Links & Information:

SLurl To One Christmas Night

Link To Calas Galadhon’s Official Website (Has list of upcoming live shows)

*Be sure to take the notecard given when you first land. It has inportant information about script limits, windlight, etc.*


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