Twisted Christmas

Now let’s not get this confused with an 80’s hair band.

Slightly Twisted (M) is a name that you would probably skip on by in your search of the ol’ holiday cheer. I’m telling you right now that you need to stop right there Mr. Or Ms. Virtual Avatar & take a chance that you’ll find winter in the name.

Hello There!

Hello There!

Slightly Twisted is an art sim that periodically changes its art exhibits. While I was visiting there were 3D art installations of winter & Christmas.

I Could Use Animals To Put My Tree Up.

I Could Use Animals To Put My Tree Up.

The sim is absolutely stunning. The 3D art is beautiful to look at. The natural settings are a treat to walk through.

Oh No!

Oh No!

I suggest that you dress the part with a winter hat or gloves while you walk around. Screw around with windlight. Get your virtual camera out. It’s a perfect place to take great winter or holiday themed photos. I plan on coming back very soon to take a bunch of winter photos. I couldn’t ask for a better, natural setting.

Take a chance with Slightly Twisted (M) if you’re in the mood to get your holiday nature on. You won’t be disappointed.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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