I feel that Soraya’s Winter Enchantment Public Snow Playground (G) button hooked me. The words “Winter Enchantment” sounded charming & snowy. I even took the description with good faith with the words “Ski lift & pictures with Santa”. Instead of feeling all cheery it’s left me feeling more like a Grinch.

Soraya’s Winter Enchantment does have a few lovely points. It has snow. You can take a ski lift up a mountain. There are penguin’s skiing.

That’s about all of the holiday niceness I have in me.

I understand that they have holiday winter log cabin rentals but it’s maddening because each property is surrounded by a ban line. You can click on a sign to get 12 minutes to look around the place & decide if you feel like renting. I’m not faulting holiday cabin rentals. There are many lovely places with holiday rentals.  I just find it irksome when you keep slamming into ban lines while trying to walk around. If it doesn’t bother you then take your 12 minute tour & see if it’s right for you. I’ll just keep on walking.

Cruel Or Bath Time?

Cruel Or Bath Time?

The sim that Soraya’s Winter Enchantment is on is not a snow sim. When you find yourself on top of the ski mountain (or even on the ground standing next to a rental) the views make this point obvious. I understand that not everyone can afford a sim on their own…blah blah..baaa humbug. It just feels like you’ve been thrust out of the snowy enchantment & slammed back into prim reality.

Oh…and there is shopping. Can’t forget the shopping.

I’m not impressed. There are numerous other places I can rent a log cabin, ski, see snow, visit with Santa Claus. Those that aren’t even on their own sims. I’ll skip Soraya’s Winter Enchantment (G) & find these things someplace better.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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