10 Things You Can Do As An Ice-Cube

Liandras Jameson of Cirrus Design came out with a free ice-cube that you can wear on a tiny for Winterfest this year.


I was so insanely inspired by the various things one could do while wearing an ice-cube in Second Life that I decided to come up with the top ten best things one can do as an ice-cube.

Frozen Drum Roll Please…….

1. Play “Titanic” – All you need is your ice-cube, a boat, someone to scream “Iceberg Ahead!”, & water. Tada!


2. Pretend you’re not actually wearing an ice-cube & walk around various public areas. Will they look at you? Will they mention that you’re frozen in an ice-cube? It’s a great social experiment! 

3. Scream “I’M MELTING!!” while next to a fire.


4. Find a Snow Queen then challenge her for her crown. You are, after all, an ice-cube.

5. Try to blend in with a holiday scene. 

6. Find a frozen pond, preferably one that is near a landing point, & pretend to be frozen into the pond. Mumbling “Hello” & “I’m stuck!” is a good idea.

7. Since you’re an ice-cube the only natural thing to do is to be that special ice-cube in A HUGE DRINK!!


8. Hang out with snowmen of questionable morals.


9. Stand in a natural history museum  & pretend that you’re a part of the exhibit. If you have a cave man/woman outfit then you’ll fit in even better.


10. When all else fails pretend to be an unfinished ice sculpture. Or you can pretend that your ice sculpture is “abstract”.

Thank you Liandras for the awesome ice-cube! You inspired me!

“Tipsy” Cerulean

Clothing As Well As Hat/Scarf/Ice-Cube/HUGE Drink Made By Cirrus Design. Be sure to check them out!

You Can Pick Up A Giant Ice-Cube In The Raglan Shire Right HERE.

SLurl’s To Photo Locations:

Raglan Shire (G)

Tinies On Tape/SLA Review Office (G)

Gallery Of Questionable Snowpeople (M)

Nargus Lab:: Dinosaurs Park (M)

TOT Podcast About Winterfest


2 responses

  1. Thank you! I was looking for an ice cube as an accessory for a polar bear avatar, you rock! Plus these are handy for the summer time to cool off with. 😉

    1. LOL! You are welcome! 😀

      And you are right…in the Summer time you can put on the ice cube for an instant cool down. Just beware of friends who try to mooch off of your cool-ness by hugging your ice-cube too much. Leads to quick melting. HAHA!

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