Brew Ha Ha Mystery

I’ve been wandering around for a while now looking for snow, Santa Claus, & holiday cheer. It was about time I took a break & searched for a beer instead.

As I looked for a place to come in from the cold I happened upon the Dafthouse Brewery (M). They promised me “art, music, conversation, & poetry” so I was intrigued to check them out. What I stumbled upon was a mystery so great that I would have to put on my mystery solving gear & figure the Dafthouse Brewery out.

I've Got My Beer...Let's Solve This Mystery!

I’ve Got My Beer…Let’s Solve This Mystery!

No…those are not burgers behind me.

According to the search description the Dafthouse Brewery had once been “abandoned after mysterious murders and rumors of ghosts, but we have filled the place with joy and light”. As I chewed on my bubble pipe I was intrigued by the idea of mysterious murders & ghosts roaming about.

What I found when I entered was a wonderful little brewery with a ghost that was wandering around. When questioned they said nothing but pointed me in the direction of beer & a bit of gaming in the backroom. If you’re into playing games with friends in-world then the shady backroom is the perfect spot for you.

Helloooo Ladies!

Helloooo Ladies!

If you wander upstairs you will find an art gallery filled with residents art as well as a nice sitting area to hang with friends. Dafthouse Brewery isn’t modern by Second Life standards choosing to use prims instead of the newer shiny mesh & fancy decor. That really isn’t the point of a place that is meant for “music, poetry, art, & conversations”.  It’s has more of a “place to talk to your friends while pondering exactly what those “mysterious murders” could be ” kinda feel to it.

Although I did not go during a time where there were people about I am willing to go back when something is going on. Or take a friend there to play a little truthball, discuss business, or even drink a beer together. I did, however, solve at least one mystery during my time at the Dafthouse Brewery…….


“Tipsy” Cerulean

What I am wearing:

Leo-Nt – Squirrel Pipe (V.I.P. Gift)

Cirrus Design for Tinies – LJ Wool Heather Coat Outfit



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