Oh Deer!

While I was visiting Christmas Village (M) I happened upon a deer who was stuck halfway in a snowman.

Well That's Just Weird!

Well That’s Just Weird!

I started to wonder if there was a fight involved. Rudolph called Frosty some names. Frosty got angry & maybe threw his hat down. Rudolph tried kicking him while Frosty was getting ready to throw his carrot nose. Things got ugly then they kinda ended up morphed into each other.

That’s probably not exactly what happened but they were stuck together when I visited. I’m thinking it’s a decorating accident or they were in the middle of moving things around.

What was the point of this review? Oh yes…to actually review Christmas Village (M). It’s more of a holidays meets a small amusement park with a palm tree border surrounding it all. You’ve got your Santa. You’ve got your ice skating rink. You’ve got your roller coaster. It’s pretty much a tiny place with Santa that gives you carny rides.

Oh…and a nice Santa’s workshop that you can’t go in.

No Entry!

No Entry!

All in all Christmas Village (M) is good if you need a place that is kid friendly that doesn’t just involve snow & ice skating. If you’re feeling brave & don’t worry about virtual ice build up on a prim mechanical roller coaster then be my guest.

Hopefully Frosty & Rudolph aren’t stuck together anymore.

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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