SLA Review Awards 2013

Every year before New Years I come up with an awards list of the best (& worst) things that I’ve seen in Second Life. It beats any other awards you’ll see about Second Life because it doesn’t involve elite crap or SLebutards. I will be your host for the award ceremonies. Thank you. Thank you.


So…without further ado…feel free to clap…

The SLA Review Awards 2013!!

Worst Search Results From The SL Marketplace: This award has to go to the keyword search “hat”. While searching for a hat it gave me an S&M outfit. Made out of nothing but straps. There were not hats included.

Strangest Zombie Sighting: This one goes to the zombies I happened upon that were in a fishing contest pond. They didn’t look just menacing. They looked waterlogged & menacing.


Biggest Panic Of 2013: This definitely has to go to the change in TOS. The sweeping change to who owns the content that is created in-world has led to an exodus of creators. Speculation, conspiracy, residents possibly building foil hats to avoid their brain waves being subjected to a TOS change. You get the picture.

Random Flash Mob Moment: One day, out of the blue, a Anime Furry Stage Show Spectacular just popped up in the Raglan Shire. No one knew who they were. They just rezzed a stage & started dancing.


Best Second Life Community: Come on. You knew I would have to give this one to the tinies of the Raglan Shire. Throughout the years I’ve been involved with many groups/communities/whatevers & the Shire has always been the one who has had the kindest most helpful of all communities I’ve ever visited. Keep it up for 2014.

Biggest Shopping Event That Makes People “Have A Dumb”: This has to go to The ArcadeThis gacha shopping event is hard to get in as hordes of people attempt to all go at one time. Those that can’t get in attempt to cam around from sims that border it. It has spawned numerous garage sales where people get crazed to sell their extras (sometimes cheaper sometimes WAY MORE expensive then purchase price) just to be able to go and buy more. I love Arcade but you crazed shopping people are NUTS!

 Tipsy Haz A Sad Award: This goes to half of my inventory disappearing. Before you go into the whole “Did you clear this or did you clean install that?” speech I KNOW THIS ALREADY. It ended up taking me a few clean installs. Clearing of caches. Praying to the gods of inventory & giving at the office for it to finally come back five days ago.


Best SLupidity To Make Fun Of: This award clearly goes to the avatars who have GIANT BUTTS as well as SUPER BUTT CRACKS. You can have your hoochie momma. You can have your ghetto underwear showing but damn it if you cannot go wrong with a great stupid butt picture. Butts are comedy gold.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the couple of awards I have decided to hand out this year. There are so many others I could give out (Worst Look, Best Nature Area) but I want to save them for 2014 where they will get their own articles. Also filled with a fiery rage of awesome writing anger so we’ll be sure to put more of that out in 2014. Rage writing is usually mean & comically awesome. I love meanly comical.

Have A Safe & Awesome New Years Eve! 

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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