Nap Time

We are super worn out.


Since October the SLA Review has put out almost 50 articles on everything from the holidays to events to neat stuff we’ve found around the grid to places to visit (or not). Then we’ve done a lot of work helping out with various things in-world as well as doing our own thing, DJ-ing for various parties, & getting our organizational skills on. Then…don’t forget that we podcast the Tinies On Tape with “St.” Bishop as other musical things. Our plate is always full. (And so is our beer mugs because you have to admit you can’t do all of this without always having beer on hand.)

I am going to try to take the SLA Review & give it a vacation until January 10th. Will still be doing all of the other things but will try to take a review/writing break. It probably won’t last even that long because I get this “I MUST WRITE SOMETHING!!” thing that comes over me. I do want to say that if you have a place you want me to look at or an event/theme coming up let me know & I can review/write about it. If you need music let me know. See…I can’t ever really vacation. I just don’t have it in me.

Don’t cry…we’ll be back on January 10th! 

Time To Take A Nap!

“Tipsy” Cerulean


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