Chasin’ Down A Hoodoo There

Yes…THIS song is stuck in my head as I write this. 

When I first rezzed into Belle Bayou (M) the greeter said to me “Well Butter My Butt And Call Me A Biscuit Look Who’s Here!”. You know that it’s going to be a great visit when something says “Butter My Butt” to you.

Look! I fit this into my Virtual Butts January theme. Go me!

Belle Bayou’s notecard informs me that this is “A little known place hidden away near the gulf coast of Alabama.”. This is a great opening to a truly wonderful place to wander around. You have your choice of walking around or traveling in a rowboat, hot air balloon, or even a carriage. All of the buildings are open to the public so you’re not going to run out of places to explore.

No Alligators Sighted!

No Alligators Sighted!

The fun thing is that most of the buildings have a sign to click on for a notecard giving you a little history of the building. From the Old Plantation House to That Man’s Shack each story is unique in its own way. It makes you feel like you’re visiting a living, breathing community. Just watch out for the ghost in the Old Plantation House or the woman who stands in the doorway luring sailors and such in at That Lady’s Shack.

I Need A Booster Seat.

I Need A Booster Seat.

The “Gumbo File Cafe” said “Oh Shit Not You Again!” as I walked in the door. It’s the little touches.

Damn Raccoon Ate All The Gumbo!

Damn Raccoon Ate All The Gumbo!

I highly recommend visiting Belle Bayou (M). Be sure to take a group of friends because it between the things to see, dancing, do, & read (don’t forget to check out the books that are all around for a bit of reading) there is so much fun to be had.

“Tipsy” Cerulean

SLurl To Belle Bayou (M)

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