Waxing Gibbous

Waxing gibbous is when the moon appears high in the east at sunset. It’s less than half full. So….today’s contribution to the Month Of Virtual butts could kinda be considered a “waxing gibbous butt”.

See…butt humor can be smart. I haz a smart. (Bangs on keyboard while scratching self with a pencil.)


Did you know that I actually had a conversation with someone trying to decide what phase of the moon her butt looked like? I guess you could kinda call it a “First Quarter Butt” but that’s just getting nerd silly. I was actually wandering the grid while looking up the word “Disco” when I ran into this butt. My large disco fro was flowing & I just wanted to find a place to take a picture of it. I ended up completely side tracked by the sight of a butt being right in my face. It just walked right into me. Being a tiny you sometimes end up at ass level when people are paying no attention to you.

You take the good…you take the bad…blah blah…

I’m glad that Ms. Gibbous decided to take ass-less chaps & put a teeny little pair of underoos with it. Stay classy my friend. The rest of the outfit screamed “I like leather in small strips.” as well as “Why no..I’m not cold in it even thought its January.”. Ms. Gibbous did have a meager halter top on that defied all laws to keep her gigantic boobs in place.

Sorry…Virtual Boob Month Comes Later In The Year….

I salute you ass chap moon lady & your bold choice of clothing. May your  bottom never get cold.

“Tipsy” Cerulean





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